Beginning Drawing Supplies

Recommended supplies for beginning drawing

6 Reasons The Surface Pro is the Best Tablet for Artists

Looking for a portable digital sketchbook, tablet, computer that you can draw, surf, Netflix, and game on? The Surface Pro could be what you're looking for.

Pen and Ink Supplies

Recommended tools for pen and ink drawing

Factors to Consider When Buying a Digital Camera

There are a lot of choices out there for those looking to buy a camera. For artists though, what's the best camera for shooting photo and video reference? Here are some factors to consider.


Links to awesome art resources on the web.


Alphonso Dunn YouTube Series on Drawing

Good drawing instruction from an enthusiastic and friendly teacher. His demos and explanations are clear and inspiring. He covers a lot of topics, especially of note are his videos on urban sketching.

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CTRL Paint

Great website on digital painting. Clear and useful videos.

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Deleting White From a Drawing

A quick tutorial by One Fantastic Week.

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Masking in Photoshop

A quick tutorial on masking in Photoshop by One Fantastic Week.

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Adjustment Layers

A quick tutorial on using adjustment layers in Photoshop by One Fantastic Week.

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Applying Textures

A quick tutorial on applying textures in Photoshop by One Fantastic Week.

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Layer Comps

A tutorial on using layer comps in Photoshop for storyboarding.

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Evan E Richards Blog on Cinematography

Great resource for studying the cinematography of films. The films indexed here are almost shot for shot.

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Pixar in a Box - The Art of Storytelling

Informative, accessible introduction to visual storytelling the Pixar way. Pixar draws upon classic principles of storytelling, so this series of tutorials are great for an introduction to storytelling in general. Done in partnership with Khan Academy.

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Making Fluid and Powerful Animations for Skullgirls

Once in a while a lecture comes along that eloquently sums up several core concepts and illustrates them in an elegant way. This video is a 21-minute GDC talk that discusses the animation process behind the video game Skullgirls, but in doing so, says pretty much all there is to know about how to make great 2D animation.

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