The Grimwood

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Ghost River Gamble


Ghost River Gamble

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For 2-4 players.

Ghost River Gamble is a mashup adaptation of Wynonna Earp and Love Letter.

The hunt is on for Bobo - the Earp gang is hot on his trail, but he and the other Revenants ain’t gonna go down easy. Be smart. Or be lucky. Otherwise, be ready to make your peace. It's just another day in the Ghost River Triangle.

- Digital download and USB includes printing instructions, 1 template with cutting lines, and 1 template formatted to print on Avery Business Cards Template (8871)



The Haunted and Other Stories

Rated R - Three short stories of various nightmares and terrors are collected in this volume. Includes "The Road Trip," "The Good Samaritan," and "The Haunted," plus the original cover art for the stories.

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The Good Samaritan

Rated R - In this dark cautionary tale, no good deed goes unpunished.

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the road trip cover

The Road Trip

Rated R - Two friends on a road trip run into the unexpected. Soon they are in a fight for their lives.

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Part-Time Chaos Vol 1: Stuff I Made

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82 pages. Collected works by the artist Angela Wu, aka Part-Time Chaos. Includes caricatures, cartoons, and sketches. "Daily Deviations 1-7" and "Friendship is Magic" comics also included.


The Making of The Grimwood

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52 pages. An inside look into the game and art development of The Grimwood Game. Also includes a section on the Kickstarter campaign.



Optics: A Handbook for Artists

Free (digital)
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98 pages. This handbook for artists contains short chapters highlighting essential principles of optics to help artists understand how light works and achieve more realistic illusions in their work. Topics covered include: Surfaces, Scattering, Lighting, The Eye and the Camera, and more.

The book is based on work done for the Optics for Artists lecture series, an NSF-funded project between San Jose State University's Physics department and Animation/Illustration program.


wynonna et al web

Go To Hell: Wynonna Earp Print

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wayhaught web

Unkillable Wayhaught:
Wynonna Earp Print

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X-Files: The Truth is Out There

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